Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I'm S. I am a Best Mate and I have a Best Mate, whom my husband despises!

Said husband has recently had an epiphany and realised, that he has made my life misery for the last two years of marriage...and i wonder, did the words "I'm leaving you !" have anything to do with said epiphany?.......answers on a postcard please....

And i mean I have been here before, this is deja vu, second marriage, and endlessly in relationships, I think I'm a Fixer, trumpets please....dahdaaahhhhh! Miss fix u.... are you unhinged, broken, damaged, do you need to control, be the governing body in a relationship? then abuse me!!!!

Honestly my mum says i have a magnet on my head, but at least now i know that, i know that i look for a type that needs me, when all along I needed me more than anyone else.....and my Best Mate, CB made me see that, (along with my NutNut Doctor, as i affectionately refer to her as).

I think thats why said husband hates CB.

I'm going into hospital tomorrow, little operation, shouldn't be too bad, the All New Improved husband has taken a week off to nurse me, oh Lord help me!

I'm supposed to be Nil By Mouth, but i just caved in to a cup of tea, I live on tea, (I spent six months searching for my perfect tea, but more about that later) will two hours make that much difference? Oh who cares?

Am I wrong to be wary of this new man? And, where has his backbone gone, on holiday? hes like a subserviant race of man, that I have never seen before. Oh God a week of this,

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